Find Anthony at Comstock saloon: SF, North Beach


    Anthony was first introduced to Batiste when it was randomly assigned to him for a friendly cocktail competition in San Francisco. He’d seen it on back bars around the city but never thought much about it since most blanc rhums he’d tried were unremarkable.

    When Anthony took his bottle home and began to experiment, he was impressed by Batiste’s versatility. He struggled to decide between making a spirit-forward cocktail or a citrus-refreshing cocktail. The mouth feel is what really blew him away:  “I was really surprised at how long the finish is. It has the perfect balance of clean, crisp distillate and agricole funk.” 

    For the competition, Anthony made a very well received cocktail: “It had Lemon Verbena Pluot Syrup, Meyer Lemon Juice, Serrano Pepper and Absinthe. Batiste not only stood up to these strong ingredients, but it also complimented them! It’s now one of my favorite go-to spirits for dealer's choice cocktails. I use it in place of gin and especially vodka every opportunity I get.”

    A true bartender’s bartender and champion of Hospitality (with a capital H), Anthony has honed his craft throughout San Francisco. Find Anthony at Comstock Saloon in North Beach.

    Drop in on Anthony when the mood strikes to have a bespoke cocktail experience. When you order a second round and he asks if you’d like the, ”Same thing but different?” be sure to answer “Yes!”