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Batiste Headquarters

P.O Box 6

Marin County

California 94964

415.583.9601 (Sales & Marketing)

415.725.1518 (Other inquiries)

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Why spell rhum with an “h”?

Rhum is made from sugar cane juice.  Since alcohol is just fermented & distilled sugar, it reasons that the cleanest will be made from pure sugar cane, instead of sugar found as part of something else (corn, grapes, etc.). 

Rum is made from molasses.  Molasses is the leftovers from boiling sugar cane juice down to make table-sugar.  We don’t think leftovers make the best ingredients. But, the U.S. government makes us put “rum” on the bottle at least once.

What is a ‘California-Caribbean’ rhum?

Batiste comes from a Caribbean island with the best climate for growing sugar cane, and a distillery partner that is without equal when it comes to respect for the environment, product, and people. We bring it to California for added access to the latest techniques, technology, and supply partners.

What are the ingredients of Silver?  Gold?

Silver is made from sugar cane juice, yeast, and water.  That’s it!  Gold is the same except it is aged in high-char rye whiskey barrels with a steep sack of organic vanilla.

All ingredients are naturally gluten-free and not subject to cross-contact with gluten.  The gluten in rye is removed in the distilling process and we use barrels, not rye whiskey itself.  

Can I see your operation?

Of course!  Check out our production video or drop us a line when you’re in the Caribbean or Northern California.  Fair warning, our operation is a lean one so we may recruit you to lend a hand.  Don’t worry, we’ll all go surfing afterwards…true Rhumness!

Who are Your distributors?

We have great distribution partners in Wine Warehouse (California) and LibDib (New York), and will be adding more states soon.  We'll also be adding a "Trade" page to this site shortly, with great resources all in one location.